The main objective of secondary education is to impart knowledge and understanding among students in terms of not only academic subjects, but also in terms of factors that would enable them to form their identity. Furthermore, the students understand that they need to be well-versed in terms of measures and strategies to emerge into productive citizens of the country. In the system of secondary education, the students are generating adequate information in terms of teaching-learning methods, teaching-learning materials and the other factors that are necessary in achieving educational goals. The students wholeheartedly understand that education is the instrument, which would render an important contribution in providing information in terms of the methods that are necessary to sustain their living conditions in an adequate manner. The students need to put in their best abilities to achieve educational goals. When there are occurrence of any types of problems and challenges, they need to cope with them in an adequate manner. The problems can be solved on one’s own as well as through taking help from others. Furthermore, it needs to be ensured, they do not prove to be impediments within the course of acquiring an understanding of the lesson plans and achievement of educational goals. Therefore, secondary education is advantageous in promoting student learning on a comprehensive basis. The main concepts that are taken into account in this research paper are, understanding the meaning and significance of secondary education, objectives of secondary education, factors taken into account in leading to developments in the system of secondary education and recommendations.


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